Silence Is Golden In Brian Beaver’s “From Beneath”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

I don’t know anything about cartoonist Brian Beaver, but so what? Maybe the contents of his recent self-published comics ‘zine From Beneath tell me all that I actually need to know.

“Let your work speak for itself,” they’ll tell you in art school (I think, at any rate, never having actually attended it myself), and Beaver certainly takes that advice to heart, as literally no one else speaks at all — and by “no one,” I mean any of his cast of characters, be they insectoid-lensed secret agents of unknown origin, or demonic intergalactic/interdimensional monsters of even more unknown origin — but that’s okay at the beginning, downright great by the time things really get going, and flat-out inspired when all said and done. In fact, dialogue or captions would really just get in the way here.

Beaver’s linework is stunning in terms of its detail and fluidity, and…

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