Music Video Of The Day: Southwark by Yumi Zouma (2020, dir by ????)

I watched this entire video waiting for a zombie attack or something similar but it didn’t happen.  That came as a shock to me because I guess the movies have just preconditioned me to expect any happy day at the beach to end with either zombies or, if it’s a Jean Rollin film, vampires.

Anyway, even though this video doesn’t end with the carnage that I was expecting, the shots of the beach are still nicely atmospheric.  The beach shots reminded me a bit of the incredibly depressing scene in Under the Skin where a couple is drowning in the ocean and the only person who around who is capable of saving them is killed by Scarlett Johansson.  (Seriously, that scene gave me nightmares.)  Don’t ask me where this video was filmed because I don’t know.  I’m not an expert on beaches.  The closest that I regularly get to the beach is when I go up to my cousin’s house at Lake Texoma.  To be honest, most beaches kind of look the same to me.  It’s like water, sand, and a bunch of rocks.  Sometimes, you might see a jelly fish wash up on the beach.  Just the thought of that freaks me out.

One thing I like about this video is that you can read the lyrics while listening to them.  As someone who is notorious for mishearing lyrics, I appreciate that.  Seriously, I used to try to sing along to songs and people would give me such a hard time because I always ended up getting the lyrics wrong.  It was really upsetting and it made me associate many great songs with tears and injured feelings.  What’s especially annoying is that my misheard lyrics were often a hundred times better than the actual lyrics.

Of course, to be honest, I’ve never been one of those, “You must listen to the lyrics and ponder what they’re saying about life!” type of music fans.  When it comes to music, my main concern is whether or not you can dance to it.  I used to have a friend who would force people to listen to songs from certain artists and, while you were listening, you weren’t allowed to speak or dream or anything else.  Instead, you were expected to listen to the lyrics so you could discuss what they meant.  After a while, it got to be pretty annoying.  There’s only so many times that you can say, “This song is about the futility of war and institutionalized misogyny,” before you get bored with it.  The last straw, for both me and many of the members of our social circle, came when she got involved with the Occupy Wall Street people and she expected everyone to start listening to folk music.  I was like, “Unless there’s a big beat remix of If I Had A Hammer, count me out.”  There’s only so many times that you can listen to that Turn, Turn, Turn song before you just want to go off and become the most committed capitalist ever.

Anyway, enjoy!

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