Music Video Of The Day: Adore You by Harry Styles (2019, dir by Dave Meyers)

Today’s music video of the day is the video for Harry Styles’s Adore You and you know what?  It’s kind of brilliant.

It takes place in the fishing village of Eroda where everyone suffers from “resting fish face,” which is another way of saying that no one there ever smiles.  But then Harry Styles is born and he has a smile so bright that it literally blinds people!  It all goes on from there and it’s a really cute, clever, and kind of touching video.

This video was directed by Dave Meyers, who has done videos for just about everyone in the world.  He did the video for Katy Perry’s Fireworks for instance.  (Remember when you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing that song being played?  That was …. well, that torture, to be honest.  It’s a good song but not one that benefits from being overplayed.)  Meyers has also done videos from Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavingne, P!nk …. like I said, just about everyone.


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