Lisa’s Week In Review: 11/11/19 — 11/17/19

I’m exhausted but at least I watched a lot of movies last week!


Films I Watched:

  1. Alakazam the Great (1961)
  2. Amish Abduction (2019)
  3. Apocalypse (1998)
  4. The Apollo (2019)
  5. Audrey Rose (1977)
  6. Blood Bath (1966)
  7. The Bronx U.S.A. (2019)
  8. Conspiracy (2000)
  9. Creature of Destruction (1967)
  10. Dark Victory (1939)
  11. A Daughter’s Plan To Kill (2019)
  12. The Devil Within Her (1976)
  13. Extramarital (1998)
  14. The Godfather, Part II (1974)
  15. High School Big Shot (1959)
  16. Jezebel (1938)
  17. Midway (2019)
  18. My Wife’s Secret Life (2019)
  19. Pale Blood (1991)
  20. Revelation (1999)
  21. Right to Believe (2014)
  22. To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)
  23. Very Ralph (2019)
  24. When Cary Grant Introduced Timothy Leary to LSD (2017)
  25. White Mile (1994)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1
  2. The Adventures of Sir Lancelot
  3. Beverly Hills 90210
  4. The Bold and the Beautiful
  5. Couples Court With The Cutlers
  6. Dancing With The Stars
  7. Days of Our Lives
  8. Dr. Phil
  9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  10. Jack Ryan
  11. Judge Jerry
  12. The Kelly Clarkson Show
  13. Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court
  14. The Love Boat
  15. The Mel Robbins Show
  16. Mrs. Fletcher
  17. Saved By The Bell
  18. Sherlock Holmes
  19. Silicon Valley
  20. South Park
  21. Survivor 39
  22. The Voice

Books I Read:

  1. Catch and Kill (2019) by Ronan Farrow
  2. The Most Fun We Ever Had (2019) by Claire Lombardo

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Amilli
  2. Big Data
  3. The Chemical Brothers
  4. Christina Aguilera
  5. DJ Shadow
  6. French 79
  7. Gloria Trevi
  8. Jackalope
  9. The Killers
  10. Liz Phair
  11. The Muffs
  12. Regina Spektor
  13. Saint Motel
  14. Shakira

News From Last Week:

  1. Ricky Gervais to host Golden Globes for ‘last time’
  2. Paul Thomas Anderson Is Making a 1970s-Set High-School Movie, Film Boys Frantically Call Agents
  3. ‘Days of Our Lives’ Entire Cast Released from Contracts, Show Goes On Hiatus 
  4. Broadway Star Laurel Griggs Dead at 13 From Massive Asthma Attack
  5. Team Behind Digital James Dean Forms New Company to Resurrect Other Legends
  6. Robert Pattinson Says Actors Only Go Method When They’re Playing A–holes
  7. Bestselling Authors Band Together to Dunk on a College Student

Links From The Site:

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  2. Jeff shared music videos from Flesh For Lulu, Frank Black, and The Georgia Satellites!
  3. I reviewed Amish Abduction, My Wife’s Secret Life, Right To Believe, and A Daughter’s Plan To Kill!  I also shared music videos from French 79, Amilli, The Muffs, and Regina Spektor!
  4. Leonard shared the 2nd trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog!
  5. Patrick reviewed The Dwelling!
  6. Ryan reviewed One Minute To Wonderland, Tulpa, and Tad Martin.  He paid tribute to Tom Spurgeon and shared his weekly reading round-up!

More From Us:

  1. I reviewed the latest episode of Survivor at Reality TV Chat Blog!
  2. On my music site, I shared songs from The Killers, Liz Phair, Gloria Trevi, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, DJ Shadow, and Amili!
  3. At Pop Politics, Jeff shared Smart Politics in the UK, Deval Patrick For President?, Sanford’s Out and Bloomberg’s A Little More In, Deval Patrick Is Actually Doing It, and a review of The Delta Force!
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  5. Ryan has a patreon.  Please consider subscribing!

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Weekly Reading Round-Up : 11/10/2019 – 11/16/2019

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

After a week off to attend the superb Short Run Comix & Arts Festival in Seattle, the Round-Up is back, and we’ve got four first issues to take a look at because, hey, every week at your LCS there are at least four “number ones,” if not more, are there not? It sure as hell seems like it —

First off, Joe Hill’s horror comics imprint at DC, Hill House, gives us The Dollhouse Family #1 by the veteran pairing of Mike Carey (here writing, for reasons unknown, under the pretentious moniker of “M.R. Carey”) and Peter Gross, joined this time out by the criminally under-utilized Vince Locke, who for my money has always been — and remains — one of the most distinctive artists working in the comics mainstream. Gross is credited with “layouts,” Locke with “finishes,” which means this looks to be about 75% Locke, at least, and…

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Grace Kroll’s “Tulpa” : That Voice In Your Head Is Getting Louder —

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

To the extent that I understand the term, a tulpa is an independent thoughtform created by a person that shares their brain but has thoughts, feelings, etc. of its own. Tibetan monks were — and may still be — big on these things, and David Lynch’s interest in their teachings and traditions undoubtedly played a big part in their inclusion in Twin Peaks : The Return, but he added the twist of giving them actual, physical reality by means of rather standard hair-and-blood magickal conjuring. That’s how we ended up with three different versions of Special Agent Dale Cooper. But I guess that’s neither here nor there for purposes of this review, as the one in the comic we’re here to take a look at, Seattle-based cartoonist Grace Kroll’s self-published Tulpa, exists purely within her mind — and isn’t exactly the most welcome of guests.

A kind of…

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Music Video Of The Day: On the Radio by Regina Spektor (2006, dir by Adam Levite)

I don’t have a lot to say about this video.  I just like it.  It’s a good video.  Stewart Moncure shared it during Saturday’s #ILikeToWatch live tweet and I was reminded of how much I’ve always liked this song and this video.  Watching it, I’m reminded of when I briefly wanted to be a teacher.  I wouldn’t have taught music, though.  I can’t carry a tune to save my life.  Instead, I would have taught …. well, Drama is kind of the obvious choice but if I could teach anything, I’d probably teach history.  I mean, we could solve so many of our problems today if people actually knew more about history than what they see on twitter or read on Wikipedia.  Oh well.

Anyway, enjoy!