Here’s The Trailer For Spies In Disguise

Here’s the trailer for Spies in Disguise, an upcoming animated film that’s going to be released on Christmas!  So, who knows?  If you’re spending the holidays with the family, you may end up having to watch this.  That said, this movie might be kind of fun.  Will Smith getting turned into pigeon definitely has potential.

Here’s the trailer!

Music Video Of The Day: Straight From The Bottle by Terror Jr. (2019, dir by Chris Simmons)

I like this video.  It has kind of a desolate feel to it but there’s also a very snarky sense of humor lurking underneath all of the loneliness.  This video reminds me of when I would visit my cousins in Arkansas over the summer and we’d inevitably end up hanging out around an abandoned house.  There’s a surprisingly large amount of abandoned houses in Arkansas, for some reason.

(Seriously, if you’re not even thinking about shooting your amateur horror film in Arkansas, you’re missing out on some very creepy scenery!)