Beautiful Dreamer: MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (RKO 1949)

cracked rear viewer

The folks who brought you KING KONG – producer Merian C. Cooper, director Ernest Shoedsack, writer Ruth Rose, animator Willis O’Brien – returned sixteen years later to the giant ape theme with MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, a classic fantasy that can stand on its own. Though the film usually gets lumped into the horror genre, it’s more a fable than a fright fest, a beautifully made flight of fancy for children of all ages, and one of my personal favorites.

In deepest darkest Africa, little Jill Young buys a cute baby gorilla from the natives. Twelve years later, impresario Max O’Hara, along with rodeo wrangler Gregg and his crew, travel to The Dark Continent in search of exotic animal acts for a new show he’s producing, when they come face to face with the now 12 foot tall, 2,000 pound gargantua, affectionately called Joe by a grown Jill. She’s the only…

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Music Video of the Day: I Dare You by The Regrettes (2019, dir by WATTS)

So, yesterday, I was in a terrible mood because I’d gotten a parking ticket and my pick for music video of the day reflected that.

Today, I’m in a great mood!  It turns out that my parking ticket was just a warning and I’m not going to have to pay a fine!  That makes me feel like dancing!  And hence, today’s music video of the day.

Seriously, this exuberance of this music video just makes me happy!