Lisa’s Week In Review: 6/10/19 — 6/16/19

It’s a short list this week because Jeff and I are on vacation!  We’ll be back at the end of next week.

Film I Watched:

  1. Backdraft 2 (2019)
  2. Blood Red (1989)
  3. The California Kid (1974)
  4. Cocaine and Blue Eyes (1983)
  5. Firehouse (1973)
  6. Murder Mystery (2019)
  7. Shoot (1976)
  8. Skatetown USA (1979)
  9. Sky Riders (1976)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. The Amazing Race 31
  2. The Bachelorette
  3. Big Little Lies
  4. Court Justice
  5. Dance Moms
  6. Euphoria
  7. Fear the Walking Dead
  8. iZombie

Books I Read:

  1. Keep You Close (2019) by Karen Cleveland

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Big Data
  2. Britney Spears
  3. Charli XCX
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Goblin
  6. Haim
  7. Hardwell
  8. Icona Pop
  9. Nox Arcana
  10. Radiohead

Links From Last Week:

  1. On her photography site, Erin shared Drenched By The Sun, Tree on a Hill in Black and White, Dark Clouds, Creek, The Flag Survived, Fence, and Baseball Field.
  2. On my music site, I shared a song from Lindsey Buckingham!
  3. I reviewed the latest episode of The Amazing Race!

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin reviewed Hero and shared the covers of New Detective and North-West Romances.  She also shared: Kiss Her Goodbye, The Merciless Mermaid, Break-Up, Star Western, A Town in Heat, The Love of a Lion, and Science Fiction Quarterly.
  2. Gary reviewed Robot Monster, More Dead Than Alive, and The Third Man.  He paid tribute to the late Sylvia Miles.
  3. Jeff shared music videos from Violent Femmes, Michael Bolton, Julian Lennon, Cinderella, and KISS .  He reviewed Blood Red, The California Kid, Cocaine and Blue Eyes, Firehouse, and The Dirt.
  4. I shared the latest video from The Chemical Brothers and reviewed Murder Mystery!
  5. Ryan reviewed Memorabilia, What the Actual, and Blossoms in Autumn, along with sharing his weekly reading list!

Want to see what I watched, read, and listened to last week?  Click here!

Weekly Reading Round-Up : 06/09/2019 – 06/15/2019, Josh Pettinger And Some More Brian Canini

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

New stuff in the mail this week from the always-intriguing Josh Pettinger, who has a new issue of his self-published Goiter, plus I was finally able to track down the first ish through the auspices of a kind reader of this site — and one more new item from our friend Brian Canini that’s a hold-over from last week. So, yeah, plenty to get to —

Goiter #4 sees Pettinger return to black-and-white after the full-color third issue, but fear not : he’s trying a magazine format this time around, and the enlarged art looks great. As always, the Ware and Clowes influences are pretty strongly felt here, but I dig a cartoonist who wears his artistic lineage on his sleeve, and Pettinger is taking the ethos established by those earlier artists in new and intriguing directions — that direction this time being the story of “Wendy Bread,” a…

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Music Video of the Day: All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose by KISS (1983, directed by Martin Kaban)

As you can tell from watching this video, this from the period of time where KISS was performing without their trademark makeup.  All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose was their second single from the album Lick It Up and, while the video itself got some airplay on MTV, the song failed to chart in the U.S.  Compared to their success in the 70s, KISS struggled through the 80s and the early 90s.  Taking off the makeup and essentially looking like every other hard rock band that was around at that time did not help.

Today, All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose is best-remembered as the song in which Paul Stanley raps.  The majority of the song was written by KISS’s then drummer, the late Eric Carr and Carr was initially not happy with the decision to have Stanley rap one of the verses.  However, later, Carr said that Stanley rapping was actually what the song needed to distinguish itself from the rest of the album and that the rap was probably the reason why All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose was eventually released as a single.

The video is a hard rock fantasy, with the members of KISS walking around a burned-out city and running into criminals, circus performers, and, of course, barely dressed women.  This was probably a video that KISS could only have made during the period when they weren’t wearing their makeup.  The Demon and the Starchild would have looked out-of-place wandering around the city but Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, and Vinny Vincent fit right in.

In retrospect, it’s hard not to be amused that, back in the 70s and 80s, so many parents groups viewed KISS as being a threat to young minds.  (There are people who still believe that KISS stands for Knights In Satan’s Service.)  I would guess that few of those concerned parents actually listened to any of the music that they were so concerned about.  Instead, they just saw songs with titles like All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose and jumped to their conclusions.