Music Video Review: Affection by JaydenART Music (2017, dir by Jayden Yoon ZK)

Who doesn’t occasionally love a good cry?

The 4 and a half minute video below is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes.  It certainly did to mine.  It’s the story of a dancer and it’s also the story of a father’s love for his daughter and the way that we can all live on through music, art, and memory.  It starts with a dancer — according to the video’s YouTube description, her name is Fiona — dancing and then takes us into the past, showing us how her pianist father supported her dreams until he eventually fell victim to his own mortality.  The film ends with her achieving her dream, along with her younger self, and the sound of her father’s composition playing in the background.

And it’s really nicely done.  The scenes of Fiona dancing are flawlessly combined with the flashbacks to her father, creating a true sense of a dancer living in the moment while still surrounded by her memories and how she came to be the person who is now on stage.  It’s a tribute to not just her father but also to everyone who has ever supported us in our dreams, whether those dreams were artistic or something else.  It’s a heart-felt and sentimental tribute and you can check it out below:

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