Music Video Of The Day: Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys (2012, dir by Danny Clinch)

Let’s just start with the obvious.  Despite the fact that we do have our share of similar bars down here, this video was not shot in Texas.  That “No Guns Allowed” sign was dead giveaway.

Instead, this video was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, at a place called Springwater Supper Club and Lounge.  Apparently, Springwater has been around forever.  It’s old enough that it was a speakeasy back during prohibition and then, after prohibition was repealed, it was the first place in Nashville to receive a license to sell liquor.

Apparently, the plan for the video was originally to have some sort of story going on while the Black Keys played in the background but those plans were abandoned during filming.  The band also ended up playing an entire show for the benefit of the fans who had shown up to the be in the video.  Good for them!

On a personal note, this is a song that I often listen to while driving.  I find that it tends to curb the tendency towards road rage.  Thank you, Black Keys!  You saved my driving record!


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