Art Profile: The Carter Brown Covers of Robert McGinnis

Carter Brown was the pen name of Alan Geoffrey Yates, a prolific author of pulp paperbacks.  The first Brown novel appeared in 1951 and Yates continued to write until his death 34 years later.  All in all, it is estimated that Brown wrote 322 novels.  At the height of his success, he had 120 million books in print and only the Bible was translated into more different languages than the Carter Brown novels.

Many different artists drew covers for Brown’s books.  Often times, the same book would feature several different covers, depending on the edition and the country in which it was being sold.  However, the most popular Carter Brown covers were painted by the famous artist, Robert McGinnis.  McGinnis’s covers left no doubt who the targeted audience for Carter Brown’s books were.

Below are just a few of the covers that Robert McGinnis did for the work of Carter Brown:


If you want to see more Carter Brown covers or more of Robert McGinnis’s work, the best site to check out is  That’s where I found the majority of the covers featured in this post.

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