Music Video Of The Day: Need You by Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE (2016, dir by Jack Wagner)

It’s a day in the life of DJ Darren … no, wait, make that Dillon … Francis!

Now, the music doesn’t really start until about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into this video.  Before that, we get some mockumentary footage of DJ Dillon in the suburbs, trying to get a cigarette from a 17 year-old and explaining how he brings life to everything from “”birthdays, weddings, Quinceaneras, corporate event, block parties, and youth retreats” to apparently a suburban barbecue.

You may be tempted to mock DJ Dillon.  He definitely gives off a Brett Ratner vibe, which is never really a good thing.  (At this point, it’s always necessary to make sure that it’s understood I’m referring to the character that Dillon Francis is playing in this video and not necessarily Dillon Francis himself.)  But once he gets set up and start playing, Dillon transforms that suburban backyard into a bacchanal.  That’s the power of DJ Dillon.  Of course, the revelry soon turns into a drunken brawl and it appears that Dillon is responsible for destroying one person’s life but that’s life.

The video was directed by the meme lord himself, Jack Wagner.



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