Artist Profile: G.P. Mickelwright (1893 — 1951)

All of the covers below were done by the British illustrator, G.P. Mickelwright.  Mickelwright is credited with having done more than 2ooo covers.  According to this very informative blog post that I came across about Mickelwright’s life, Mickelwright was a Quaker and a pacifist.  Though he was still drafted into the British army during World War I, he served in a special unit for non-combatants.  It’s interesting that this apparently nonviolent man was responsible for coming up with some of the most action-filled covers of the early pulps.  I especially like Mickelwright’s western covers, which capture the danger and excitement of what we like to think that life on the American frontier was like.



One response to “Artist Profile: G.P. Mickelwright (1893 — 1951)

  1. Mickelwright’s art is very primitive. My guess is that he was self-taught, or close to it. On the plus side, his style of crudely done art was the perfect match for the pulp fiction genre. In his case, we CAN judge a book by its cover.


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