Horror On The Lens: Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages (dir by Benjamin Christensen)

I previously shared Haxan back in October of 2013.  A day later, YouTube removed the video and turned my post into a tease.

Well, the video has been uploaded again so I’m sharing Haxan again!

To quote what I wrote the last time that I shared this particular film:

Directed by the Danish director Benjamin Christensen, Haxan is a quasi-documentary that, over the course of four separate sections, documents the history of witchcraft and superstition in Europe.  Along with making a potent case that religion and superstition are largely the same thing, Haxan is best known for dramatizing various old folk tales.  Though the film was made in 1922, its images of lustful devils and dark magic remain powerful to this day.

Enjoy Haxan!

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