Music Video of the Day: He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) by Alice Cooper (1986, dir. Jeffrey Ableson)

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986, dir. Tom McLoughlin)

I see director Jeffrey Abelson, writer Keith Williams, and Alice Cooper got that Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) was meant to be funny.

I have a couple of questions right up front.

“And he’s after your soul”??? Umm…since when did Jason want your soul? It may have been 5 years since I watched parts 2-10, Freddy vs. Jason, and the remake, but I’m quite sure Jason was never concerned with souls. The closest he got was hopping into bodies in Jason Goes To Hell. That didn’t have to with souls. That was because he needed a Voorhees womb to get into and then pop-out fully grown seconds later to make his second cameo in his own film.

Also, he “knows your house”??? Jason is Santa Claus now? Cooper took some liberties with this song.

I’m not 100% sure why the kid in this video is named Jason. However, the film does make several jokes about the abandoned idea of having Tommy Jarvis become the new Jason, so I’m going to assume that’s the reason.

Jason is basically a stand-in for people who thumb their noses at these kinds of movies. And just in case you didn’t get that, they include the scene where the caretaker says:

Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment.

at the end of the video.

Seeing as Jason didn’t get good grades, much like his movie counterpart doesn’t have any of the following qualities,…

he has to walk to the theater with his date.

Why does this theater have an entrance that makes me think Pinhead is going to walk through it?

A codpiece? He doesn’t even break anything over it in the video. He does smash a bottle on his forehead though.

I’m glad they included the best scene in the movie. Tommy Jarvis deciding he needs to double-kill Jason, and in the process accidentally resurrecting him as a zombie .

It’s all your fault, Tommy. You could have just set fire to his coffin. You didn’t have to open it and poke at his corpse with a metal rod before trying to burn him.

Thanks to this video, we get to see Tarzan-Jason. I don’t remember that happening in any of the movies.

Yes, it turns out to be Alice Cooper pretending to be Jason. Still, Tarzan-Jason is something I could’ve have gotten behind. I’m guessing Cooper was pretending to be Jason because he just can’t let go of the ending of A New Beginning.

Continuity wasn’t a high priority for these movies. Not for the mask though. That must always have the gash in it no matter how much retconning goes on.

While the Cooper fanboy is scared by the film, Jason and his girlfriend eventually get fed up and wander onto the set of the rest of the music video. A lot of weird stuff is going on here.

Cooper is hanging out with a snake.

Cooper apparently had a cage setup to catch his son. What if they had been standing a little off-center?

Someone with wings rising off a horse. Sure.

They escape…somehow. Also, Jason gets Cooper…somehow.

In the end, the twist is that Jason’s father is Alice Cooper because we weren’t supposed to recognize his speaking voice? I guess that works seeing as I’m sure plenty of people didn’t notice Kane Hodder standing outside the corner’s office in Jason Goes To Hell. I didn’t.

But does that mean that Jason never saw his father before now? I’m going with it being that the films are make-believe like Alice Cooper in makeup. Alice Cooper is a man behind a mask too. Within the video, it’s a side his son never saw before.


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