Music Video of the Day: Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground & Nico (2017, dir. James Eads)

I’ve been dying to do this on an actual Sunday morning.

I have no special info on this video other than a couple things below and the usual YouTube comment section nonsense. It amounts to people complaining that the video is too hippie, and that the group made fun of hippies in songs like Sweet Jane–a song that starts out trippy. If anything, the only problem I see is that if the quote over on Wikipedia from Andy Warhol is correct, then the song is supposed to be about paranoia. I’m not sure the images get that across.

I don’t care. I love the song. It has always felt warm, comforting, and like an out-of-body experience. This video reflects that for me.

It was directed by James Eads, who also did the art.

The animation was done by Chris McDaniel.

The only other credit for either of them that I can find is that James Eads designed the poster for the film What Would Bear Do? (2013). You can visit his website here, which has some of his artwork.

You can read a little about how the two met to take Eads artwork and turn it into animation here.

There are numerous videos and other pages of their animated images.


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