Music Video of the Day: Fox On The Run by Sweet (1975, dir. ???)

Q: Didn’t you just feature a Sweet video yesterday?
A: No, Lisa did yesterday’s post.

Q: You know what I mean! The day before last-the last time you posted.
A: That’s true.

Q: Wait a second…did you and Lisa collude to do a Warren Fu video because you plan on doing…
A: I’ll stop you right there. Of course I will get to that video. How could I avoid it?

Q: So why are you doing this video? Because it was in the trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2? You want to point out that Marvel can also play the pick-a-song-that-ties-in-with-our-rival’s-movie game?
A: No, but since you mention it, that is a good tie-in.

Q: Then why are you doing this video? They all stand as stiff as Arthur Kane of New York Dolls. But at least that was something he was known for doing onstage.
A: Yes. That’s one of the reasons I am doing it. I want people to appreciate the difference between this, and the video for The Ballroom Blitz–made two years prior.

Q: Then what’s the other reason? Stop jerking me around.
A: The answer to that is easy.

Q: That’s not an answer.
A: Yes, it is. I just found out they’re gonna stick some tubes down my throat at the beginning of August. I’m so sorry it’s too cryptic for you.

Q: At least include those “Song Of The Month” things Andy Scott did about their songs. You forgot that when you did The Ballroom Blitz.
A: Good point. I did forget those. So, here they are for Fox On The Run and The Ballroom Blitz.

Q: Okay, I’m satisfied. Just say your stupid catchphrase, and end this conversation with yourself.
A: Enjoy!

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