Music Video of the Day: Big On Love by Models (1984, dir. ???)

Yesterday I noticed that an old review I wrote on Hot To Trot (1989) was suddenly getting hits from a German website. Naturally I went there to find out what the deal was. Apparently they reposted the horse sex doll from the movie. I would tell you what they said about it, but despite having taken four years of German between middle school and high school, trying to read it is like trying to watch a movie through foggy glasses. Even Google Translate couldn’t piece it together. I have no idea what they said. Speaking of which, it’s been awhile since I watched that movie, what did I say about it?

Hot To Trot (1989, dir. Michael Dinner)

Hot To Trot (1989, dir. Michael Dinner)

That’s right. I let Dabney Coleman review the film for me from within the film itself. I was pretty angry about that movie back in 2015 when I had just started writing here. I understand why as well. That was before things like Shannon Ethridge telling me that not having sex between being a teenager and getting married in my 20s would give me a life of “great sex that I could enjoy with my husband, without guilt, without remorse, without regret, without STDs, without unplanned pregnancies, without infertility.”

Every Young Woman's Battle (2014)

Every Young Woman’s Battle (2014)

There have been funny moments too that have kept me going–like watching Ex Machina (2014).

Ex Machina (2015, dir. Alex Garland)

Ex Machina (2014, dir. Alex Garland)

Oh, Garland, you jokester. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people a movie that opens with an even worse version of the plot-hole that starts I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) is one of the greatest films of a century. Brasília is the capital of Brazil (not Rio), and the Turing Test requires at least three human beings to perform. That means in both films the character would know right from the start that they were being lied to and it is counting on the audience’s ignorance in order to surprise them. It’s even worse in Ex Machina since he’s a graduate in Computer Science, so he’s supposed to know this stuff. They even bothered to have some of the code in the movie spit out an ISBN number for a popular textbook called Embodiment And The Inner Life: Cognition And Consciousness In The Space Of Possible Minds if you were to actually run it. I love movies! Even if I have to slog through propaganda such as Every Young Woman’s Battle.

Anyways, in honor of being recognized for a review of a juvenile update of one of the Francis’ movies, I decided I should spotlight the music video by the Australian band Models which features a moonwalking horse.

I don’t know anything about Models except that they have gone through quite a few members over the years, have had some tragic ends, and were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall Of Fame (ARIA Hall Of Fame). If this song is any indication, then I can understand why.

Aside from the use of black-and-white, and the comedy, I like when it pulls out of the black-and-white area…

to an eyeball…

before running us down a pier.

That’s some 120 Minutes stuff going on there. Not as good as the bit from Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order with the dialog, “I don’t believe in reincarnation because I refuse to come back as a bug or as a rabbit,” which receives the response to the person saying it, “you know, you’re a real up-person.” But I still appreciate the artsy touches this video has by switching the kinds of footage on us.

I wish I could find information on this video. There’s a Wikipedia article about the band. That’s it though.

I’m glad I came across this video. I hope you enjoy it. I need to be off to find a music video where a band breaks into a data center to sing about games in order to make up for going on another rant about computer science in movies.

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