Music Video of the Day: Born To Rock by Buck Dharma (1982, dir. Richard Casey)

I brought it up the other day, so let’s do Born To Rock by Buck Dharma, aka that guy you probably know from Blue Öyster Cult.

Oh, so YouTube comment sections exist in this music video.

No Rock Music?!? This is worse than when Hell froze over in 2005 and…

One Way Ticket by The Darkness

One Way Ticket by The Darkness

The Darkness had to run from a metaphor for cocaine to thaw it out.

One Way Ticket by The Darkness

What’s this?

Buck Dharma. Born To Rock. Wanted Dead or Alive. Contact U.S. Marshall S. Pearlman out of Oyster Bay, NY? Harsh! Buck does one solo album, and Blue Öyster Cult manager Sandy Pearlman is fine if he is brought in dead? He was tough back then. Also yes, Buck was born on Long Island, NY where Oyster Bay is located.

There’s only one man who can possibly bring him down. I dub him Blue Öyster Max.

Even his car says he is “2BADD”.

Now we get Buck delivering himself. My best guess is that this shot…

is a reference to Buck having given up getting a degree in Chemical Engineering to go into music. Then for some reason, None Dare Call It Treason by John A. Stormer has to do with Buck’s birth.

I haven’t read the book, but the summary on Amazon makes it sound like it would have been right up Ronald Reagan and Estus Pirkle’s alley. Pirkle also being a Protestant pastor who wrote a book concerning alleged Communist infiltration of America. Except Pirkle went on to adapt his book into a religious exploitation film called If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971).

I don’t know for sure who that is a picture of in the background while his parents are getting it on. It looks like Eisenhower, but I’m not 100% sure.

There’s other interesting stuff in here that fits with the theme of the music video, but let’s not kid ourselves. You’re watching this music video for the ending showdown between Buck and Blue Öyster Max.

Buck wins, and they rush Blue Öyster Max’s guitar to the hospital. Of course it’s red.

Blue Öyster Max is way dead. Killed by Rock.


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