My Super Bowl Predictions

Since we are only a few hours away from the big game, I better get my Super Bowl predictions in.

I predict that the final score will be:

New England Patriots — 32

Atlanta Falcons — 17

After winning his fifth Super Bowl, Tom Brady will announce his retirement, run against Elizabeth Warren in 2018, and will be elected President in 2028.

Congratulations, Mr. President!


3 responses to “My Super Bowl Predictions

  1. I’m hoping for a Patriot victory first and foremost, and if I can be a little greedy, I’d like to see the Patriots point total end in 1 (Lisa Marie would not approve) and the Falcons end in 6. That combo ends any of the 4 quarters, and I win a nice chunk of change at the bar. But if I only get a Patriots victory out of the deal, I’ll be happy. Patriots 31, Falcons 26

    And President Brady has a nice ring to it, almost as nice as the 5 rings he’ll be sporting after Sunday.


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