A Movie A Day #36: Four Falls of Buffalo (2015, directed by Ken Rodgers)

four-falls-of-buffalo-movie-posterIn America, they love winners and that’s especially true when it comes to the Super Bowl.  Every year, one team wins the Super Bowl and goes home to a parade and sometimes a riot.  Another teams loses the Super Bowl, often becomes a laughing-stock, and spends the next season searching for “redemption,” never mind that even the team that loses the Super Bowl still did something that 30 other NFL teams failed to do.

Just ask the Buffalo Bills.  In the early 1990s, the Bills accomplished something that no other football team had ever accomplished.  They went to four consecutive super bowls.  And yet, because they lost all four times, the 90s Bills are remembered for what they lost instead of what they accomplished.  If the Bills had won all four of those Super Bowls, they would be remembered as the greatest team of all time.  But because they lost, they are forever remembered as being  joke.

Four Falls of Buffalo is a documentary about those four Super Bowls, all told from the point of view of the players that lost and the city that loved them.  Four Falls of Buffalo is very much a fan’s film but it’s still interesting to watch.  Along with detailing what went wrong (and sometimes right) at all four of the Super Bowls that the Bills lost, it also features interviews with the Bills players.  Particularly notewothy is an interview with Scott Norwood, the kicker who missed a field goal that, had he made it, would have won Super Bowl XXV for the Bills.  Even though the city of Buffalo embraced him after the loss, it is obvious that missed kick still haunts him.

Watch Four Falls of Buffalo in honor of all the teams that made it to the Super Bowl but did not get that win.

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