Death Race 2050 – ALT Title: Miffed Max: Budget Road, Reviewed like a boss!


We’ve got a great big Death Race… runnin’ through the night.  [sung]

So, the OA was ok, but just not good enough to keep anyone’s interest for my reviews.  The result: my editor took pity on me and gave my brain a rest with…..


I will say this for Death Race 2050 – Manu Bennet AKA Slade Wilson can act.  It kind of got to me that he’s in a Roger Corman flick.  The other actors belonged in Roger Corman films, including Malcolm McDowell, who I always thought was a hack, but Manu Bennet really needs a new agent.

The Death Race world is a desolate shit hole with 99% unemployment; yet, we are overpopulated…. somehow.   Also, because of the over-population we need to do some culling in a very inefficient way, hence the Death Race.  We all need to NOT think about why we need such an inefficient way to decrease the population because it will ruin your guilty pleasure.  The political statement doesn’t really make sense because America is supposed to be a Corporation, but nobody works or makes anything and all we do is watch people’s homemovies.  So, America is Youtube! HIYOOOO!!!

The Death Race is a coast to coast kill spree that awards points to drivers who kill pedestrians along the way.   The Chairman who is obviously Donald Trump is the inventor of the death race.  He sees it as a good distraction for the masses who use VR to experience the carnage.  The drivers are Frankenstein – the anti-hero and reigning champion, Minerva-the rapper, Tammy- interfaith evangelist (really), Perfectus- a genetically engineered heir apparent- who is closeted, and an artificially intelligent car.   To advance the plot, every driver is paired up with a co-pilot to provide openings for dialogue and comic relief.

The anti-hero of the story is Frankenstein (Manu “Why am I doing this?” Bennet).  He doesn’t care about the craphole that the world is because he likes to race.  Annie is his Co-Pilot, but she is actually with the Resistance … DUN DUN DUN!  The Resistance is a group of angry democrats who are trying to figure out how 1) we elected a fascist and 2)how we can get people to vote in 4 years…. Wait, that’s my reality.  The race begins with a lot people getting run over and points being awarded to drivers – this goes on for about a half hour.

Then, they reach the Heartland.  These people are slightly harder to kill because they shoot back.  During this time, we learn by a lot of telling that Annie is in the Resistance and needs to kill Frankenstein, but she is starting to love him.  Also, the Resistance leader is in cahoots and the paramour of the evil Chairman.

Annie tries to set up Frankenstein as per her orders and he gets attacked by Ninjas. Ok fine, ninjas it is! He kills the ninjas and quasi-forgives Annie. They end up at a well-stocked, but unattended hotel.  Perfectus over-acts, attacks Frankenstein, and tries to come to terms with his sexuality. It’s a very fast arc.  Just as Perfectus is about to kill Frankenstein, Annie knocks him out. Annie’s gonna knock you out….I’m gonna you out. [Sung as LL Cool J].  This allows Annie and Frankenstein to begin to fall in love.  AWWWW.

The Southwest and New Los Angeles

The Chairman changes the rules to keep Frankenstein on one road that is a trap. Frankenstein wins, the other racers die, and Frankenstein decides to kill the Chairman. Yep, life comes at you pretty fast in Death Race 2050.  This is not at all like Death Race 2050 BC because chariots couldn’t go that fast.  BAM!

Frankenstein runs down the Chairman and then asks America to do their own race, causing the entire population to kill each other.  This begs the point: why not do that instead of a Death Race?

Death Race 2050 had a lot of schlock for the buck.  There was loud death metal, weird cars, bewbs, Donald Trump references, and Manu Bennet.  I would say Death Race 2050 is a fine way to spend 90 minutes of your day, if you are into these films.  I don’t know if this was Grindhouse, but it’s gotta be close to the genre.   Cheers!


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