Music Video of the Day: The Walker by Fitz And The Tantrums (2013, dir. Warren Kommers)

Did you know that if you are waiting in a long line in the heat with a guy that kind of looks like a cross between Martin Fry, Tony Hadley, and Philip Oakey, then you will become a dancing version of Michael Douglas in Falling Down (1993)? Director Warren Kommers knows. I like that it is a DMV line seeing as our hero has a Sammy Hagar moment with a cop before involving the other zombies from the DMV line in a dance that reminded me of Thriller. If your song is already called The Walker, then there has to be some Thriller reference in the music video.

I stopped listening to the radio a few years ago when I discovered my phone could play whatever I wanted in the car. However, I was still listening to my local alt-rock station a few years ago when this song became one of what seemed like five songs they played on an endless repeat. Thank goodness for our on demand world. It means that if a good song turns to crap from being overplayed, then you only have yourself to blame. Now that I am hearing it on my own terms, I like the song.

I find it funny that Michael Fitzpatrick does bear a resemblance to the very 80’s singers that he sings like. He was quoted in an interview describing the band’s, and his own, musical tastes:

“We [the band] all have a love affair with soul and funk music. For me, it’s obviously Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, all that stuff. My musical taste runs the gamut from Radiohead to Zeppelin to Major Lazer. My older brother was really into ’80s new wave, so a lot of the first records I got to borrow and steal were his.”

When I read that, I think ABC’s When Smokey Sings:

It looks like Warren Kommers is relatively new to doing music videos. He’s been working in movies and television since at least the early-2000s, but the first music video credit I can find is from 2013. He seems to like disconnected body parts, whether that be via gore, or laying bare the special effects that allow that to be done. Two of his videos for Big Black Delta showed the behind-the-scenes stuff. He also appears to like playing with flashing bodies that may change or just distort in some fashion. You can see changing in the video he did for When You Were Mine by Night Terrors Of 1927. Out of all of them, The Walker is my favorite.

James Fitzpatrick edited the music video and has worked with Kommers on three different music videos. He is responsible for the visual effects on the two Kommers’ directed music videos for Big Black Delta. He also edited a couple of music videos for director Megan Thompson. He was nominated for a VMA for his editing on this music video.

Candice Brittain did costume and wardrobe for the music video. She has around 30 credits for music videos, mostly in the department of wardrobe stylist according to IMVDb.


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