Music Video of the Day: The Final Countdown by Europe (1986, dir. Nick Morris)

It’s Election Day! If this song can work for waiting on a burrito, then it can work today.

As for the music video, it’s your standard mid-80s concert video. They do a good job of capturing “the final countdown” itself visually, as well as that come-to-our-concert thing that was prevalent in 80s hair-metal band music videos. The concert footage was shot at two concerts at Solnahallen in Solna, Sweden on the 26th and 27th of May, 1986. They also shot some additional footage during sound checks for those concerts.

Director Nick Morris has done around 40 music videos.

Fiona O’Mahoney produced at least 19 music videos. Sadly, according to a memorial site, she passed away in 2010. It also looks like she and Nick Morris got married.

I hope you enjoy this music video on what is otherwise a very serious day.

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