Music Video of the Day: Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz (2001, dir. Jamie Hewlett & Pete Candeland)

What can I say about this that isn’t already all over the Internet? This is one of the most well-documented music videos and songs I have come across so far.

You can find out who made it here.

You can find an explanation of the music video here–along with the numerous movie references.

Songfacts has some good info here.

Somebody tried to explain all the lyrics here.

The only thing I can’t find is somebody mentioning that it sure sounds like Damon Albarn was listening to Dumb by Nirvana when he wrote this song. That, and the whole In Utero album. I know the shirt is most likely a reference to the T-Virus from Resident Evil, but it could just as easily be a reference to the song Pennyroyal Tea since the lyrics are similar to that one as well. That one I could find somebody else thinking of. It’s some sort of fan fiction apparently written about 2D after they woke up at 2 in the morning and listening to Pennyroyal Tea. I find it humorous that this wasn’t in Wikipedia or Songfacts. Maybe it’s just me and that fan fiction writer.

I’m positive the shirt is also a reference to Thriller seeing as the apes do the Thriller dance and the opening title card is drawn from Thriller as well. They just took out the ridiculous line about Michael Jackson not believing in the occult for a line from Dawn of the Dead (1978).


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