Horror on TV: The Twilight Zone 3.8 “It’s A Good Life”



Don’t think bad thoughts or Anthony Freemont will turn you into a giant jack in the box!

That’s lesson to be learned from tonight’s example of televised horror. In this classic episode of The Twilight Zone, the citizens of Peaksville always have to be happy or else they’ll be punished by the cruel monster that lives among them. The big twist, of course, is that the monster is just a little boy and sometimes, it’s difficult to predict what exactly is going to upset him.

It’s A Good Life was originally broadcast on November 3rd, 1961.

One response to “Horror on TV: The Twilight Zone 3.8 “It’s A Good Life”

  1. Good life is a good episode, and one of the most famous episodes in Twilight Zone about the little boy who can read thoughts and make terrible things happen to anyone who acts or thinks in any way the boy doesn’t like, and the way all the grownups around him are forever walking on eggshells, racking their brains not to accidently slip up or say or do the wrong thing. And how a couple people, one man in particular, cracks cause he can’t take constantly having to be so extremely careful every second anymore. And we see what the boy does to him. I, and I’m sure many other people also have seen the Simpsons halloween episode that copies this Twilight episode.


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