Horror on TV: Night Galley 2.6 “A Question of Fear/The Devil is Not Mocked”


Much like Thriller, Night Gallery is an old horror anthology series that I’ve recently discovered thanks to reruns on Me-TV. Airing in the early 70s and hosted by Twilight Zone‘s Rod Serling, Night Gallery usually featured two or three stories per episode and even provided a few early credits for director Steven Spielberg.

Of course, Spielberg didn’t direct the episode below but that’s okay. It’s still pretty good. It tells two stories. In A Question of Fear, Leslie Nielsen plays a mercenary who takes a bet to spend the night in a haunted house. In The Devil Is Not Mocked, Dracula talks about how he fought the Nazis during World War II. Interestingly enough, Dracula is played by Francis Lederer who, 13 years later, played the same role in The Return of Dracula.

The episode of Night Gallery was originally broadcast on October 27th, 1971.

Horror on the Lens: The Return of Dracula (dir by Paul Landres)

In this independent 1958 film, Dracula (Francis Lederer) comes to a small town in California in the guise of being an artist.  As you can probably guess, a lot of typical Dracula things start to happen, especially after Dracula meets the lovely Rachel Mayberry (Norma Eberhadt).

The Return of Dracula came out around the same time that Hammer Film’s brought new life to the Dracula legend with The Horror of Dracula.  As a result, The Return of Dracula has always been overshadowed by its British cousin.  And that’s a shame because, while undoubtedly being a low-budget affair, The Return of Dracula has a lot of atmosphere and is effective when taken on its own terms.  The film features a great musical score and Francis Lederer makes for an imposing Dracula.

Watch it below!