6 Trailers To Make You Go “Rah Rah RAH!”

It’s time for another edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film trailers.  The trailer kitty is ready!  Are you?

1) Assassination (1988)

The trailer almost feels like a parody of a generic action movie trailer.  However, I’ve done the research and apparently, this is an actual film.

2) The President’s Analyst (1968)

I recently got this one on DVD but I haven’t watched it yet.  Any film from the 60s that features James Coburn and love beads is worth watching.

3) Detroit 9000 (1973)

This is another one that I’ve got on DVD but have yet to watch.

4) Billy Jack Goes To Washington (1977)

I think I’ve shared both this and the next trailer before but with it being National Rah Rah Rah Day and all, I figured why not share it again?

5) Werewolf of Washington (1973)

Rah rah…

6) The Delta Force 2 (1990)


What do you think, Trailer Kitty?

Trailer Kitty

He’s thinking about it.

2 responses to “6 Trailers To Make You Go “Rah Rah RAH!”

  1. I agree – yet another fun batch of strange and/or enjoyably silly films.

    After a discussion here about the “Billy Jack” franchise (which you still need to review; it won’t take as long as “Friday the 13th”), I tracked down “…Goes To Washington”. liked it, awkward as it (and each of the others) is. It did not focus on the ugly bigotry as did the earlier films, and was kind of fun, in its own right.

    If I remember correctly, Tom Laughlin actujally ran for President some time after those films. Boy, do we need him now.


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