A Blast From The Past: The Snob (1958)

I love watching the old educational films from the 1950s.  Whether they are dealing with the threat of outside agitators, the need for families to eat dinner together, or the importance of obsessive grooming, these films often provide an interesting view into the past.

(Though, as far as I’m concerned, obsessive grooming is a theme that will never get old.)

Two weeks ago, I first came across The Snob on YouTube.  In the days since I first saw it, this 13-minute educational film has become something of an obsession of mine.  Some of this is because this film deals with a universal subject.  Though I don’t think I’ve ever been a snob, I’ve certainly known a few.  Even more importantly, everyone in this film is just so intense.  If Edward Albee wrote an educational film, it would have been a lot like The Snob.

Also, is it just me or is the kitchen scene between Sarah and her father kind of creepy?