Scenes I Love: The Final Five Minutes Of Trip With The Teacher

Yesterday, Arleigh shared the opening of John Woo’s The Killer.  For today’s scene that I love, I’m going to do the opposite and share the final five minutes of the 1975 exploitation film Trip With The Teacher.

Why is this a scene that I love?  Well, first off, you have to understand that Trip With The Teacher is a drive-in film from the 1970s and the final five minutes really are the epitome of low-budget 1970s cinema.  From the false feel of the happy ending to the insanely catchy (and borderline annoying) closing music, Trip With The Teacher feels like it should be in a time capsule.

However, the main reason why I love the end of Trip With The Teacher is because of what happens after the credits.  We get a montage of scenes featuring (and identifying) the film’s cast.  I love these type of cast montages because, while watching these randomly selected scenes and listening to these film’s closing music, it’s always tempting to imagine that these scenes have all been taken from a different, better film.  As such, you can take these random scenes and imagine the film that they could have been taken from.

Go ahead and try it.  It’s fun!