Trailer: Act of Valor

Act of Valor is a film that I’ve been following for quite a bit now. For those who haven’t already heard about this film the premise is quite simple. It’s a film about a team of Navy SEALs who undergo a mission to stop a terrorist plot against the U.S. It’s a plot that has been done countless of time and not just with Navy SEALs as the protagonists. But with the Navy’s elite special-operations team having been involved in several well-documented events this past year (mainly the operation to find Osama bin Laden and his subsequent killing) they’ve become the go-to special-ops team Hollywood has latched onto.

What separates Act of Valor from other war action-thrillers of the past, present and future is the nature of it’s cast. While the film does have professional actors such as Roselyn Sanchez, Emilio Rivera and Nestor Serrano the ones who make up the SEAL team in the film are actual active duty members of the Navy SEALs. The film also uses actual SEAL team missions which the writer, Kurt Johnstad, had been given access to in order to create the screenplay for the film.

The trailer makes mention that the SEAL team members are real SEALs and they’re also using up-to-date tactics and equipment which every action filmmaker from Kathryn Bigelow to Michael Bay must be drooling to get their hands on. There is one question that will pop up as more and more people are exposed to this film leading up to it’s release.

Will the active duty SEALs be up to the task of actually emoting for the camera when not conducting the very operations in the film they’ve trained for years to perfect?

I guess we will have to wait until the film’s release date on February 17, 2012 to find the answer to that question.

One response to “Trailer: Act of Valor

  1. I watched this in February with one of the “stars” of the film. I will admit that some of the acting is stilted in places, but there is also an interrogation scene that is outstanding. Just as some action films of the past (Rambo/Every Arnold movie) suffered from less than stellar acting performances, they succeeded on the basis of spectacular action sequences. Well, the action sequences in this film are amazing and have the distinct benefit of being real, performed by real SEALs, and often with live ammunition. The understanding that you are watching the real heroes doing their actual job makes these scenes even more impressive. This is no video game, although it looks like one at times.


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