Song of the Day: Sweet Dream (Are Made of These) (by. Emily Browning)

After having just seen Zack Snyder’s latest visual extravaganza with Sucker Punch my next pick for “song of the day” comes courtesy of that film’s eclectic soundtrack. The one song which stood out the most and set the tone of the film for me has to be the one which starts the film: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” covered by the film’s lead, Emily Browning.

“Sweet Dreams” was an instant classic when Eurthymics first unleashed it upon the music world and it continues to do so even after countless bands and artists covering the song. One cover which seems to get the most press has been Marilyn Manson’s version which helped propel the shock rocker into prominence (and helped launch an uncounted number of “goths” to the world). In Sucker Punch the song once again gets covered but this time by Emily Browning. This English actress’ haunting and ethereal rendition of the song with a symphonic rock tempo and melody to match her voice has made this cover of the song my favorite.

This cover opens up the film and almost gives the opening scene a silent film quality as the song plays over a dialogue-free sequence. It also gives the whole proceeding a dream-like quality that helped set the tone of the film. The song pretty much said that what one was about to see may or may not be real. The rest of the film’s soundtrack just got better as the film went forward, but it was the strong beginning with this song that turned a very good soundtrack into a great one.

7 responses to “Song of the Day: Sweet Dream (Are Made of These) (by. Emily Browning)

  1. Loved the version of this song that showed up in Sucker Punch. Actually, I loved the whole movie which appears to be setting me at odds with the majority of the world but no matter. My favorite song, however — Oscar Isaac’s version of Love Is The Drug. πŸ™‚


    • Oh, you’re not the only one. More than a few people I follow on Twitter seem to love it despite its many flaws. I just find it funny that some of the people who hated it complain that its not empowering. And these are guys talking about that. I’m not even sure men are qualified to think whether this film is empowering to women or not. All, I can say is that I loved this film despite of my problems with it.

      And I think you just liked the final song because of King John singing. πŸ˜€


  2. I saw this last night and I really enjoyed it… I had no idea that Emily Browning sang on this cover, but that’s bad ass.


  3. I haven’t seen the film, but I do love the soundtrack. I didn’t know Emily Browning could sing. I like “Asleep”, which I thought was well done. πŸ™‚


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