Hottie of the Day: Olivia Wilde


Our latest hottie of the day is truly the only reason why one should even be watching House on the Fox network. Olivia Wilde’s character “Thirteen” is just stunning in every episode she is in. Her character being a promiscuous bisexal is just icing on the cake. But the medical procedural drama on Fox wasn’t the first time she’s been seen on TV. She was also the only good thing about the little-seen drama on NBC called The Black Donnellys.

Ms. Wilde is of Irish-American heritage and those eyes and skin tone belie her Emerald Isle genes. In addition to becoming a regular on House, she has also appeared in films such as The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, Turistas and the Jack Black/Michael Cera 2009 comedy, Year One. While her role as “Thirteen” on House has been her stand-out and breakthrough acting role the fact that she was strongly considered for the part of Vesper Lynd in the 2005 James Bond reboot, Casino Royale shows that she’s just not beautiful but has the acting chops to go far.

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