R.I.P. Butters

As the music above plays I must speak of why such a tribute song is necessary…read on.

It finally happened. While I wasn’t surprised that it did happen what did surprise me was how long Butters held out. I got Butters on midnight of November 22, 2005. Never has Butters failed me in the 4 years, 1 month and 27 days it was in my care. But this afternoon he finally succumbed to old age.

While it has happened to friends of mine who had something similar and I know the symptoms which tells me Butters was gone for good it still wasn’t a good feeling. All I can do now is just make sure that all the fun memories Buuters and I have are not lost. I sure will try my damndest to keep them.

Even though the grieving process has just begun and some of it includes a bit of denial, I now have to look forward to finding a replacement for Butters. I’m thinking an upgrade is way overdue. I’m not sure if I should also name it Butters or will the memory be too fresh still and a new name needed. Whether it’s Butters, Butterstotch or Bubbba and many others, I will make sure that I’m not without for too long.

There will be new memories to add to the ones I had with Butters. Memories which, if I am prescient, will hopefully be made starting January 26, 2010. Memories that I will make sure will continue a particular one from Butters. I will be very vexed if that doesn’t happen. For that particular past memory was well-earned with many hours spent in the making.

So, once again I must play “Taps” and pay homage to Butters which lived a long, fruitful life but I still thought was taken too soon and without much warning.

To Butters! May the Valkryies welcome you to the halls of Valhalla where the brave live forever!