AMV of the Day: Azumanga Daioh Portal

My AMV for the Day is a combination of two things I adore in anime and gaming. On the anime side of the video it’s the high school slice-of-life series Azumanga Daioh with heavy emphasis on my favorite character in said series and that would be Chiyo-chan. On the gaming side which provides the music part of the music video it’s the song “Still Alive” as sang by GLaDOS in the end of Valve’s FPS-puzzler, Portal.

Separate the two are still quite awesome in their own realm, but when combined they just move up to a new level of awesomeness. Plus, the fact that Chiyo-chan was made to be sounding like GLaDOS was just too cute. This AMV continues to be on my favorite list on YouTube and usually gets a viewing by me at least once a week or more if I need to really get a pick me up. I hope you all like it as well.

Hottie of the Day: Haruna Yabuki


Today marks the first entry of a Japanese Idol model to the Hottie of the Day. Let me introduce the very fine Harune Yabuki.

Ms. Haruna was discovered in Shibuya at the age of 15. The 22-year-old made a splash in 2004 as a swimsuit model for Parco, a department store chain out of the fashion district of Shibuya. The ads featured the slender bodied Haruna in giant posters that many Tokyo shoppers couldn’t easily forget. Combining a hard body with one of the most classically beautiful faces seen on a gravure model, Haruna become a star virtually overnight. In her last 3 years she has continued to make DVDs and photobooks and launched a music career with her first single in 2006 Let Me Love You.

Survival of the Dead gets release dates

The sixth living dead film from George A. Romero, Survival of the Dead, has finally been giving it’s release dates from it’s distributor Magnet Releasing (a genre-specific arm of Magnolia Pictures). This will come as great news for all manner of Romero fans who are always looking forward to one of his zombie films. While not all of them have been great as in the past they’re still widely-anticipated by his long-time fans who see him as the creator of the zombie subgenre as we know of it today.

First reported by Fangoria through it’s new blog, Romero’s latest zombie offering will have an initial release this April on VOD (Video On Demand) before getting released in the theaters the following month of May. While these release dates seem a tad peculiar it’s really the beginning of a trend for indepedently-financed and produced horror and genre films. The initial VOD release date would help gauge the audience’s reaction to the film. IF the buy in numbers for VOD are high enough then the theatrical release will get more screens. This way films can better make their money back without the distributor having to cut the film at the knees just because of bad reviews from the theatrical run. Either way I’m just glad the master is back and this spring I get to see another of his zombie films either on my HDTV or a theater nearby.

Source: Fangoria News Blog