Music Video of the Day: Star Wars Medley by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens (2013, dir by ????)

Apparently, May 4th is Star Wars Day and …. oh wait. May the Fourth …. may the force ….. okay, I get it now. Anyway, since today is Star Wars Day, it just made sense to pick this as our music video of the day!

Add to that, Lindsey’s so cool. I wish I could play the violin.


Music Video Of The Day: We Are Warriors, performed by Avril Lavigne, feat. Lindsey Stirling (2020, Tom Law, creative director)

I think this is the second video that I’ve seen that was specifically made for the COIVD-19 era.  The first was the video by the Rolling Stones that Jeff shared here a few days ago.

This video is a tribute to those who are on the front lines, battling the virus. All net proceeds of the sales and streams of We Are Warriors will be donated to help Project HOPE’s relief efforts across the world.

Here’s a full list of credits, taking from the video’s description on YouTube:

Production by: Convicts
Producer: Sarah Hawkins
Post Production Coordinator: Sarah Steinbach
Editor: Rhys Carlill
Creative Director: Tom Law

Live footage by Ryan McFadden
Lisa Blas ‘”USNS Comfort, March 30, 2020”
Digital video, 2020, Courtesy of the Artist

Special thank you to Lindsey Stirling for the beautiful violin added to this version!


Music Video of the Day: Sleepwalking by Lindsey Stirling (2020, dir by Lindsey Stirling and Graham Fielder)

Are your dreams your dreams or are they messages from the dead?  It’s something to think about.

Lindsey Stirling is one of my favorite performers and this is another great video from her.  During this stressful time, it’s good to know that Lindsey is out there, creating music.

I should also note that I usually get by on two to three hours of sleep a night.  If I could, I’d get by on absolute zero but I’m not allowed do that anymore.  *le sigh*  Oh well!  I’ve never actually sleepwalked, though I find the phenomena of it to be fascinating.  I do usually have some great dreams, though.  Do people have dreams while they’re sleepwalking?  I would hope so.


Music Video of the Day: Spider-Man Theme, performed by Lindsey Stirling and Lang Lang (2016, dir by ????)

Okay, confession time: I am exhausted.  Usually, when we have a big day like Oscar Sunday, I write out all my posts like a week ahead of time.  I did not do that this time.  So, I spent a good deal of Sunday just trying to keep up with the site and the day.

So, instead of doing my usual rambling about today’s music video of the day, I’m just going to thank all of our readers and subscribers and visitors.  Your likes and your comments are really what makes this site worthwhile.  We’ve been doing this for 10 years now and I still love writing for the TSL as much as I did my first day.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for your indulgence.  Thank you for being there.

And now, I invite all of you to …. enjoy!

AMV Of The Day: Shatter Me (Vampire Knight)

As we enter November, here’s one last horror-related AMV before starting the first weekend of a new month.

Anime: Vampire Knight

Song: Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling

Creator: Vincent AMV’s

Past AMVs of the Day