Music Video of the Day: One Headlight by The Wallflowers (1997, dir by Ken Fox)

I’m actually a bit surprised to discover that I haven’t already shared this music video of the day.

We can drive it home with one headlight….

Some songs just get stuck in your head and I think this is definitely one of them.  This is also a song that always used to play in the background at one of my favorite used bookstores.  I associate One Headlight with searching through old books and learning about history.

The lead singer of The Wallflowers is, of course, Jakob Dylan.  Jakob is know for being Bob Dylan’s son and certainly, this song has a Bob Dylanesque feel to it.  That said, Jakob made it his own.  The music video certainly makes good use of Jakob’s perfect bone structure.


Music Video of the Day: 6th Avenue Heartache by The Wallflowers (1996, dir by David Fincher)

I’ve always liked this song, perhaps even more so than The Wallflowers’s best known song, One Headlight.  Jakob Dylan (who certainly has the talent necessary to be worthy of being known as something more than just “Bob’s son”) was inspired to write this song by a homeless man who he used to see on 6th Avenue.  One day, the homeless man was gone but all of his possessions were still sitting on the sidewalk.  As the days passed, the man’s possessions disappeared one-by-one.  Jakob considers this to be the first true song that he ever wrote.

This music video, which features the band walking around New York City and 6th Avenue, was directed by David Fincher, who you may have heard of.