Horror on the Lens: Dracula vs. Frankenstein (dir by Al Adamson)

Zandor Vorkov is Dracula!

John Blood is Frankenstein’s monster!


No, actually, they don’t.  If anything, they cause crimes to happen.

First released in 1971 and directed by Al Adamson, Dracula vs. Frankenstein may not be a good film but it’s definitely an unforgettable film.  Yes, it may be thoroughly inept but it’s also perhaps the strangest take on the Dracula/Frankenstein rivalry that you’ll ever see.

Plus, it’s one of the final films of Lon Chaney, Jr.  Unfortunately, Lon doesn’t exactly look his best in Dracula vs Frankenstein...

Speaking of slumming celebrities, long before he played Dr. Jacoby and inspired America to shout, “Dig yourself out of the shit!,” Russ Tamblyn played a biker named Rico in this movie.

Also, like every other exploitation film made in 1971, Dracula vs. Frankenstein features hippies, leading to the age old question: who needs the supernatural when you’ve got LSD-crazed hippies running around?

Another age old question: Is Dracula vs. Frankenstein merely inept or is it a classic of bad filmmaking?

Watch below and decide for yourself.


Horror On The Lens: Los Monstruos del Terror (dir by Tulio Demicheli, Hugo Fregonese and Eberhard Meichsner)

For today’s Horror on The Lens, we have a Spanish film that was originally made in 1969 and given an international release in 1970.  In the United States, it was released under several different names: Monsters of Terror, Assignment: Terror, and Dracula vs. Frankenstein.

Despite the title, this film really isn’t about Dracula fighting Frankenstein.  There is, of course, a Frankenstein monster in the film and there is a vampire who, in some versions of the film, is referred to as being Dracula and, in other versions, is referred to by a lot of other names.  (What’s he called in the version below?  You’ll have to watch to find out.)

What this film is about is Waldemar Danisky, a tragic werewolf who was played by Paul Naschy in a series of films.  In this, his third appearance, Waldemar and a host of other monsters are brought back to life by aliens who are looking to take over the Earth.  Fortunately, Waldermar is a werewolf with a conscience and battles not only the aliens but the other monsters as well.

Yes, it’s all a bit silly and really doesn’t make much sense but you really owe it to yourself to watch at least one Paul Naschy film before this October ends..