Music Video of the Day: Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch (2006, dir by Francis Lawrence)

Today’s music video of the day is another break-up anthem.  In this case, it’s Michelle Branch singing Goodbye To You while going through all of her break-up rituals.  These rituals include going to a pawnshop and exchanging her ring for a guitar and taking a goldfish to the beach.  Along the way to the beach, she witnesses a forest fire.  The fire actually looks pretty serious and undoubtedly, many lives were lost as a result.  However, this video reminds us that nothing is more important than going to the beach and singing away your troubles.

(To be honest, I’m surprised the roads weren’t closed because that forest fire looked really dangerous.  I know that California gets a new wildfire every week but still, I found myself wondering if Michelle’s going to have a home to which to return once she gets finished singing on the beach.)

This video was directed by Francis Lawrence, who also did The Hunger Games sequels.  If Jennifer Lawrence had been driving that car, she would have gotten out and helped to put out that fire.  I mean, I like the beach too and there’s even a little downtown pawnshop that I love but even I know that there are things that are more important.


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