Intensive Care (2018, directed by Jared Bentley)

Ne’er-do-well Danny (Jai Rodriguez) wants his dying grandmother’s money so he takes the live-in caregiver, Alex (Tara Macken), out on a date while his friends, Seth (Kevin Sizemore) and Rudy (Jose Rosete), break into the house.  When Alex insists on cutting the date short and returning to the house, she is taken hostage by Seth and Rudy.  What they don’t know is that Alex is actually a former member of Special Forces.  Alex is not going to go down without a fight.

This one is pretty predictable.  The three men are so thoroughly outclassed by Alex in every way that there’s never any doubt that she is going to be able to not only stop them but also thoroughly humiliate them in the process.  It never occurs to Alex to call the police or even to put out a call to some of her former colleagues from the Special Forces.  Instead, she spends the whole movie fighting the three men on her own.  She can handle all three of the men but one innocent person dies because Alex never learned how to dial 9-1-1.  The movie ends with a dumb twist that makes Alex’s actions seem even stranger.

Tara Macken is primarily known as a stunt performer and the film is smart enough to focus more on her fighting than on her acting.  Police Academy fans may be interested to know that the grandmother is played by Leslie Easterbrook, who played Sgt. Callahan in almost all of the Police Academy films.  Unfortunately, she spends most of Intensive Care in bed.  Not even Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow could save this film.

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