Music Video of the Day: Over by Lindsay Lohan (2004, dir by Jake Nava)

Leave Lindsay alone!

Way back in 2004, both this music video and this song were favorites of mine.  That said, even back then, I found myself wondering if I would still be attracted to a guy if he couldn’t stand up to his father.  Lindsay and her boyfriend (Drew Fuller) have a lot of chemistry but, whenever his father shows up, the guy meekly leaves.  Whenever I watch this video, I want the guy to punch out his father or, at the very least, for Lindsay to kick the old man in the groin.  That’s probably not a very realistic expectation on my part, though.  I mean, assault and battery?  It really would be over!

Reportedly, this video was inspired by one of the worst films to ever win the Oscar for Best Picture, American Beauty.  I’m holding on to hope that someday, Linsday will finally get her Oscar.  Don’t scoff.  Bigger comebacks have happened and, even in this somewhat overwrought video, Lindsay delivered a pretty good performance.  Of course, someone’s going to have to take a chance and write a decent role for her.  You’re not going to win an Oscar appearing in Netflix Christmas movies.  Just ask Kurt Russell.  He totally deserved the award for his performance as Santa Claus but he was snubbed not once but twice.  Stupid Academy.

When this video came out, some of my friends thought Lindsay and her boyfriend were crazy for fooling around in a deserted trailer but I’m a country girl at heart so I thought it was sweet.  Seriously, though, a deserted trailer can be the most romantic place on the planet under the right circumstances.  I would caution everyone to just watch out for snakes because this one time, in Arkansas….

Anyway, enjoy!

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