Music Video of the Day: Crush by Mandy Moore (2001, dir by Chris Applebaum)

Mandy Moore has a crush but her apartment building has structural issues!

Mandy Moore has got such a crush on her neighbor that she just has to sing about it!  In fact, the music gets so loud that the neighbor comes over to complain.  Is he not paying attention to the lyrics?  Later, Mandy discovers that her crush is apparently a very deep sleeper.  And even later, Mandy is visited by two chimpanzees.  Wait, what?

A few thoughts.

First off, I hate the wallpaper in Mandy’s apartment.

Secondly, chimpanzees freak me out because they’re always wearing diapers and I would not want to be on chimp clean-up duty.

Third, Mandy’s apartment building has some serious structural issues.  I mean, if you’re falling through the carpet and landing in a different reality, that could be an issue.  Also, as much as I dislike the wallpaper, the carpet in the hallways is even worse.

Fourth, this video proved that, long before This Is Us ever premiered, Mandy Moore was a good actress.  Personally, I prefer this video to This Is Us because it’s a bit cheerier and no one dies.  I only saw a handful of episodes of This Is Us but, in every episode I did see, someone died.  I’m pretty sure the whole point of the show was that Mandy Moore’s daughter intentionally set the fire that killed her father.  This video is a lot more fun than This Is Us.


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