Lisa Marie’s Week In Review: 1/30/23 — 2/5/23

It snowed this week!  Yay!

Here’s what I watched and listened to while spending this week snowed in:

Films I Watched:

  1. After The Promise (1987)
  2. Bats (1999)
  3. Best Worst Movie (2009)
  4. Ellery Queen in The Murder Ring (1941)
  5. End of a Gun (2016)
  6. Groundhog Day (1993)
  7. Icebreaker (2000)
  8. Shotgun Wedding (2023)
  9. Top Gun (1986)
  10. Top Gun: Maverick (2022)
  11. White Lightning (1973)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. Accused
  2. The Amazing Race 5
  3. American Auto
  4. The Bachelor
  5. The Brady Bunch Hour
  6. California Dreams
  7. City Guys
  8. The Grammy Awards
  9. Hell’s Kitchen
  10. Law & Order
  11. The Love Boat
  12. Night Court
  13. Night Flight
  14. The Supersizers Eat….
  15. Survivor: Philippines
  16. TV Party

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Adi Ulmansky
  2. Britney Spears
  3. Camila Cabello
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Chloe
  6. Christian Nodal
  7. Coldplay
  8. Dillon Francis
  9. DJ Snake
  10. Fall Out Boy
  11. Fulminacci
  12. The Hatters
  13. Jessica Simpson
  14. Katy Perry
  15. Nat & Alex Wolff
  16. The Prodigy
  17. Rose Villain
  18. Selena Gomez
  19. Taylor Swift
  20. Upsahl
  21. Wu-Tang Clan

Awards Season:

  1. AARP Winners
  2. Eddie Nominations
  3. London Film Critics Circle Winners

Live Tweets:

  1. End of a Gun
  2. White Lightning
  3. Best Worst Movie
  4. Bats


  1. Murder Mystery 2
  2. The Boogeyman
  3. The Covenant
  4. Big George Foreman
  5. 88

2022 In Review:

  1. 16 Worst Films
  2. 10 Favorite Songs
  3. Top 10 Non-Fiction Books
  4. Top 10 Novels

News From Last Week:

  1. Stuntman and Halloween star George P, Wilbur Dies at 81
  2. Melinda Dillon Dies At 83
  3. Charlie Thomas of The Drifters Dies at 85
  4. Actor Charles Kimbrough Dies at 86
  5. Andrea Riseborough Will Retain Oscar Nomination, but Social Media Offenders Will be Addressed by Film Academy
  6. Alec Baldwin Formally Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter in ‘Rust’ Death
  7. ‘Dr. Phil’ Talk Show to End in Spring After 21 Seasons
  8. New DC Universe Unveils First 10 Projects: ‘Superman: Legacy’ in 2025, Batman & Robin Movie, Green Lantern Series, Wonder Woman Prequel and More
  9. Bill Maher slammed on Twitter after CNN show announced: ‘That smug face’
  10. Armie Hammer Breaks His Silence
  11. Searches for Julian Sands continue ‘intermittently’ as efforts reach third week

Links From Last Week:

  1. Why the Two Biggest Deals at Sundance Made My Heart Sink
  2. These 10 “Movies With A T” Are Talking To You And “Go To 11!”
  3. Tater’s Week in Review 2/4/23

Links From The Site:

  1. Jeff said goodbye to Tom Brady!
  2. Jeff reviewed Oblivion, Icebreaker, and Pressure Point!
  3. Erin reviewed Gibsonburg and The Slugger’s Wife!
  4. Erin shared a scene from Groundhog Day!
  5. Erin shared Silk Stocking Memories, Dime Mystery Magazine, The Venus Probe, Love Child, Besieged, Where The Wolf Leads, and An Obsolete Man!
  6. Erin shared a look at our snowy neighborhood!
  7. Erin profiled Warren King and took a look at Historical Romance Covers, the Covers of Teen Confessions, and even more Historical Romance Covers!
  8. I shared my week in television!
  9. I shared a scene from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance!
  10. I paid tribute to Michael Mann, George Romero, and Carl Theodor Dreyer! 
  11. I shared music videos from Fallout Boy, Rose Villain, Fulminacci, The Hatters, Chloe, Christian Nodal, and Taylor Swift!
  12. I reviewed Hang Time, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, City Guys, The Brady Bunch Hour, California Dreams, After The Promise, and Shotgun Wedding!

More From Us:

  1. At Days Without Incident, Leonard shared a song from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!
  2. On my online dream journal, I shared: Last Night’s Job Interview Dream and Last Night’s Netflix Dream!
  3. At my music site, I shared songs from Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, and Selena Gomez!
  4. At her photography site, Erin shared Bridges, Trees, A Heart For February, Rabbit, baseball memories, Tearing It Down, and Ta-Da!

Want to check out last week?  Click here!

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