Music Video of the Day: Is There Someone Else? by The Weeknd (2023, dir by Cliqua)

Since today’s music video of the day is the latest video from The Weeknd, I guess now would be an appropriate time for me to make a confession.

For years, I misspelled The Weeknd’s name.  I spelled his name with three e’s instead of two.  I think I even did it on this site a few times.  No one ever called me out for it, which seems like a good thing as long as you don’t give it too much thought.  But seriously, one reason why I haven’t shared any other videos from The Weeknd is because I’ve always been kind of embarrassed by the fact that it took me so long to realize that there were only two e’s in his stage name.

Anyway, that’s my confession and I feel better now!  As for the video …. eh.  It’s kind of creepy.  Watching it, I found myself thinking about 80s De Palma.  I also found myself thinking about Daniel Craig saying, “It’s the Weeknd,” on Saturday Night Live.  Did Craig know that his introduction would become a meme?  And, even more importantly, did he know how to spell the Weeknd’s name?


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