Music Video of the Day: Why by Herve Villechaize (1981, dir by ????)

For the past few months, I’ve been watching and reviewing episodes of the original Fantasy Island.  One of the keys to that show’s success was the enigmatic partnership between Mr. Roarke and Tattoo.  Even though it’s usually pretty easy to see that Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize did not like each other, their exchanges are usually the highlight of any episode.  Of course, after years of high ratings and television fame, Villechaize was fired from Fantasy Island when he demanded more money.  Without Tattoo, the series was canceled after one season so …. well, they probably should have just given him the money.

Anyway, one thing that I recently discovered about Herve Villechaize is that he had a musical career!  In 1981, at the height of the show’s popularity, he released a song called “Why?”  It’s all about trying to understand why people have to fight and why people cannot just accept the wisdom of peace-loving children.  The video at the top of this post was recorded for a TV show on which Villechaize appeared.  Unfortunately, I don’t know which show it was for and the video upload itself is not the best quality.  Apparently, the split-screen visual effect that gives us two Herves singing at once was a part of the show.

That said, this is as close as we have to an actual music video for Herve Villechaize’s Why? so I’m sharing with it.  What better way to start a new year than with a plea for peace?

Why do we always have to fight?


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