Happy Election Day From The Shattered Lens

To our American readers (and writers), Happy Election Day!

Don’t fear, everyone.  I’m not a Get Out The Vote evangelist.  I think whether or not you cast your vote is your decision and, quite frankly, I think that you can make as legitimate a statement by refusing to vote as you can be casting your vote.  That’s one of the great things about America.  If you dislike all of the candidates, you don’t have to vote for them.  Don’t let tell anyone tell you otherwise.

That said, I vote in every election that I can because I like seeing all of the names on the ballot and, in the end, I do like to have some sort of say in how things go.

Here is TV’s Hank Hill with his thoughts on why you should register to vote.

Happy Election Day, everyone!

2 responses to “Happy Election Day From The Shattered Lens

  1. You make a very good point. It is our right to vote – or not. That said, with some of the egregious actions of the recent past, a vote is the best way to try and stop things from getting worse…


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