Music Video of the Day: Seventeen by Winger (1988, directed by Mark Rezyka)

Tomorrow is the first day of October and traditionally, the first day of the horror season.  I am going to try to keep things centered on that theme as far as the site’s music videos of the day go.

For instance, what could be scarier than Kip Winger singing about banging groupies?  How about banging underage groupies?  Technically, as Kip always points out whenever anyone asks him about this song, seventeen is the age of consent in many states but the lyrics of Seventeen suggest that it might not have just been the law that was after Winger.  “Daddy says she’s too young, but she’s old enough for me,” Winger sings while grinning at the camera.

Let’s take a moment to remember Lars Ulrich throwing darts at a picture of Kip Winger.

God knows Metallica has done some embarrassing things but at least they’ve never turned into Winger.

In a 2014 interview with Songfacts, Kip said, “”Look, seventeen was legal in Colorado, so I didn’t even get the joke, dude. I didn’t get it. And then it hit and every seventeen-year-old girl in the United States thought that song was about her.”

Sure they did, Kip.

The video is made up of close-ups of the band playing (while being illuminated with purple light for some reason) and shots of the girl who is only seventeen but looks like she’s closer to 40.  Both the song and the video were a hit, procing that 1988 was a different time.  Just imagine the reaction if a band released that song today.

If the song did come out today, we all know who would be on twitter, defending Seventeen and saying that we just weren’t getting the joke.

As for the subject of the song, she is 53 now and probably tells everyone that Nirvana was the first band she ever loved.


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