Here’s The Trailer For Hellraiser

Oh hey, they’re rebooting Hellraiser because of course they are.

Here’s the trailer.  It looks like they really want to make sure that we understand how the box works.  The best horror films don’t overexplain.  Anyway, this comes out in October so I guess look forward to the review.

3 responses to “Here’s The Trailer For Hellraiser

  1. I love the Hellraiser genre, from the – – particular first three, but even the bad Rick bota – – to the comics to the books. I watched Hellraiser one and two when they first came out when I was about 10 years old and the film’s left a huge impact on me. I’ve been one of the best one two punches in horror Cinema history.


  2. Oops sorry I meant to say it’s one of the best one two punches in cinema history. The Remake without Doug Bradley was pretty bad. I feel like this is digging up a dead corpse to violate the body, but par is the course for remakes today makes today.


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