Liberty & Bash (1989, directed by Myrl A. Schreibman)

Liberty (Miles “How much Keeffe is in this film?” O’Keeffe) and Bash (Lou Ferrigno) served together in Nam and then came back to Los Angeles to clean up the streets.  Liberty is a parole officer who doesn’t take no for an answer.  Bash owns a gym and runs a Guardian Angels type of operation.  Their friend and fellow vet, Jesse (Richard Eden), has a mullet and wears acid-washed mom jeans.  Jesse lives with his sister, Melissa (Cheryl Paris), who never wears pants.  When Jesse is murdered by a drug lord who spends almost all of his time soaking in the tub, Liberty and Bash eventually get around to seeking revenge.

The movie is called Liberty & Bash but Bash is actually only in a few minutes of the movie and Lou Ferrigno’s voice is dubbed by another actor.  This was probably done because Ferrigno is partially deaf and, as a hard-of-hearing person who happens to be a big Lou Ferrigno fan, that really bothered me.  Of the many storylines that floated through Liberty & Bash, Lou Ferrigno leading a Guardian Angels chapter was probably the one with the most potential but Liberty & Bash doesn’t do much with that.  When Bash wasn’t around, the other characters should have been saying, “Hey, where’s Bash?”

Instead, the movie is all about Liberty.  Even though Liberty is trying to bring the drug lord to justice and prove that Jesse didn’t commit suicide, the majority of the film is taken up with scenes of Liberty arguing with his girlfriend, a social worker named Sarah (Mitzi Kapture).  Sarah is pregnant but she’s considering getting an abortion.  Liberty spends almost the entire movie trying to talk her out of getting an abortion.  Sarah and Liberty even argue about it during the film’s climatic action scene.  I’m not kidding.  This is the first action film that I’ve ever seen where the action was regularly interrupted by the abortion debate.  The movie is obviously on Liberty’s side but Liberty is so obnoxious about it that the audience will be on Sarah’s side.  Sarah can’t make up her mind until one of the bad guys points a gun at her belly and she says, “My baby!”  

It’s a weird movie and doesn’t add up to the much.  If not for a little profanity and some brief nudity, Liberty & Bash could have passed as the pilot for syndicated, Stephen J. Cannell cop show.  Mr. B (Charles Dierkop) is Los Angeles’s least intimidating drug lord.  Mitzi Kapture is sexy, elegant, and displays the patience of a saint as Sarah.  Miles O’Keeffe is usually the coolest cat this side of Michael Pare but in this movie, he’s surly and won’t stop yelling at his girlfriend. Cheryl Paris spends almost the entire movie in her underwear, showing that the filmmakers at least knew who their target audience was.  Those who like to keep an eye out for mullets and off-the-shoulder t-shirts will find the film to be a feast.  The movie had miles of Keeffe but it needed more Bash.

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