Here’s The Trailer for Last Seen Alive!

If Liam Neeson ever retires, Gerard Butler will be there to take his place as the best actor to regularly appear in violent and somewhat formulaic thrillers about men doing what they have to do to save the members of their family from being abducted and sold to the highest bidder.

Here’s the trailer for Last Seen Alive, which is due to be released next month.  In this one, Butler plays a man whose wife vanishes at a gas station.  It was originally titled Chase, which was a bit of a generic title.  I prefer Last Seen Alive.  Butler not only stars but he also produced.

Music Video of the Day: Perry Mason by Ozzy Osbourne (1995, directed by Ralph Ziman)

How did Ozzy Osbourne come to sing a song about television’s most famous lawyer?

Apparently, it came from a session of guitarist Zakk Wylde and keyboardist John Sinclair just improvising.  Wylde liked what they came up with and when he shared the music with Osbourne, Osbourne made up the lyrics on the spot.  No one seems to know why Ozzy Osbourne had Perry Mason on his mind that particular day.  Maybe he had been watching TV.

The music video features a young girl walking through what appears to be death row and spotting Osbourne performing the song in a cell.  It was directed by Ralph Ziman, a South African director who, along with doing anti-Apartheid feature films, had also directed the video for the Ozzy Osbourne’s previous hit, No More Tears.  It only made sense to bring him back for Perry Mason.