Music Video of the Day: We Will Rock You by Warrant (1992, directed by Jeff Stein)

Does anyone remember Gladiator?

No, I’m not talking about the Gladiator with Russell Crowe.  I’m talking about a film that came out in 1992 that starred James Marshall and Cuba Gooding, Jr. as two teenagers who get caught up in the lucrative world of street fighting.  Robert Loggia plays a trainer.

As was typical of films of the era, the soundtrack featured cover tunes by glam metal bands who were suddenly affordable due to the rise of Nirvana and grunge.  This video is for Warant’s cover of Queen’s We Will Rock You.  The video itself is split between footage of Warrant performing and footage taken from the movie.  So, if you’ve forgotten this version of Gladiator, consider this to be a refresher.